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Men-Tsee-Khang Institute Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute general info, also branch site tibetan-medicine.org, Tibetan medical exports, video, audio and e-commerce site - www.mentseekhang.org
  Tibet Medical Fund Charity concerned with the medical welfare of Tibetan people who are not able to live in their own country -  Equipment and supplies for the Delek Hospital www.tibetmedicalfund.com/

Kunphen Kunphen meaning Beneficial to all  - Tibetan NGO catering to the needs of Substance Dependency, HIV/AIDS, and HRD, Bhagsu Rd, McLeod Ganj, - www.kunphen.org

Tibetan Youth Empowerment Initiative Young Tibetans in exile and youths residing in the Himalayan region of India fulfill their potential and use their creativity - www.tyei.org/

Asho Institute of Healing and Ayurveda Promotes authentic teaching of Ayurveda, Bhagsunag - www.ashoayurvedahealing.com/

Universal Yoga Centre Vijay Power Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Yongling School Building, Jogibara Rd, McLeod Ganj -  www.vijaypoweryoga.com/

Buddha Hall, Bhagsunag A warm and friendly environment where people interested in Reiki and the healing arts, can meet, network and enjoy spending time together... - www.buddhahall.com

Yuthog Foundation The preservation and development of traditional Tibetan medicine - www.yuthog.org

Tibetan Herbs Order online, Tibetan Medicinal Herbal Supplements, and other health products. Tibetan Traditional Healing - www.tibetanherbs.com

Dr Pasang Yonten Arya's Tibetan Medicine Tibetan shamanism to Buddhist philosophy, and its healing knowledge and practices - www.tibetanmedicine-edu.org

Tibetan Medicine Dedicated to giving a voice to practitioners and students of Tibetan medicine - www.tibetanmedicine.com

Dharma Haven Medicine Resources Various aspects of Tibetan Buddhist medicine, including efforts to study and preserve these ancient methods and make them available - www.dharma-haven.org
  Dr Barry Clark Dr. Barry Clark has compiled The Quintessence Tantras of Tibetan Medicine - www.drbarryclark.com

Tibetan Plateau Project The purpose of the Tibetan Plateau Project is to promote the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable development of mountain communities in the Tibetan Plateau region - www.earthisland.org/tpp/

Tibet Heritage Fund THF intends to continue the development of a Lhasa Historic Inner City Conservation Plan - www.tibetheritagefund.org/

TESI Tibet Environmental Awareness Movement Reviving the ecological consciousness of the Tibetan people. Through the combination of traditional Tibetan spiritual values with modern scientific knowledge about the environment, TEAM aims to empower Tibetans to live a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life - www.ecotibet.org/
Tibet Environmental Watch Our focus is to bring awareness to the publication "Tibet: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land", which describes the relationship of Tibetan nomads and farmers with the environment, and to publish related environmental news on the region - www.tew.org/

Tibetan Village Project Dedicated to alleviating poverty in Tibet through healthcare, education and other sustainable development projects that empower Tibetans to live self-sufficient lives - www.tibetanvillageproject.org/

Environmental Situation Environment & Development Desk, Dept. of Info. & Int. Relations, CTA -  www.tibet.com

Green Workers

Dharamsala Recycling Programme Tibetan Welfare Office, McLeod Ganj - also Greening, cleaning of Mcleod Ganj an uphill task - www.tibet.com

Indian Cooking Course Ms. Nisha - Expert Indian Cookery Instructor is the head chef and owner of The Taste of India Restaurant, Jogiwara Road, McLead Ganj - www.indiancookingcourse.com/

Travel Insurance India Insurance for travel to India, Visitors Insurance - www.travelinsuranceindia.com/

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Internationally Accredited Hospital in New Delhi, and largest Healthcare group in Asia - www.apollohospdelhi.com/
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