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Tibet Online Home Page

Tibet Support Groups Broad listing of groups around the world who are directly or indirectly involved in the Tibet support movement - www.tibet.org

Tibetan Cultural Directory Arts and Crafts to Retreats, Politics and Religion, Worldwide E-mail Directory - www.kotan.org

WWW Virtual Library

Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the field of Tibetan studies. It is a part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and of its specialist subsection, the East Asia WWW Virtual Library - www.ciolek.com

Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition Organization devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation, and community service - www.fpmt.org

Welcome to BuddhaNet

BuddhaNet Buddhist Information Network - Buddha Dharma Education Association - Global Directory of Dharma Centres of all Traditions - email addresses and web links - EBooks and Audio downloads - www.buddhanet.net

A Buddhist Library Buddhist educational resource with most of the material from the main Buddhist Traditions.  Over 400 books (and counting), and more than 6,000 articles. There is now a hyperlinked list of these books, as well as a shorter list of Featured Books - www.abuddhistlibrary.com

Buddhist Astrology Daka's Buddhist Consulting by Jhampa Shaneman - Charts, Prayers, Dharma Talks, India Tours - www.buddhist-astrology.com

Tibet Sites The site contains list of all websites related to Tibet - www.tibetsites.com

TIBET! - Better World Links Well Informed and Connected - www.betterworldlinks.org
Buddhist Links Buddhist links by Roger Garin-Michaud - http://www.golden-wheel.net/buddlinks.html

Buddhism Portal E-Sangha E-Sangha is an established Buddhism portal that contains a huge Buddhist discussion forum & interactive chat, free books and sutras, free e-cards services, buddhism directory of links and a free blog services for Buddhists around the world - www.e-sangha.com


Metaxu Buddhism This web is a collection of information on Buddhism picked up through random reading. The focus is on Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, Gelukpa sect - http://metaxu.to/buddhism/

Tibetan-English Dictionary Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching & Practice, Diamond Way Buddhism, Karma Kagyu Buddhist Network - www.kkbn.com



Pali-English Dictionary Pali Text Society Web Dictionary - http://dsal.uchicago.edu

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Access to Insight Self-guided tour of the Buddha's teachings, outline of the Pali Canon, translations of over 700 suttas, Theravada Text Archives - www.accesstoinsight.org

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DharmaNet International Gateways to Buddhism - www.dharmanet.org/

Dharma Seed The Archival Center of Western Buddhist Vipassana Teachings - www.dharmaseed.org/

Telephone Directory Dept. of Information and International Relations updated Telephone Directory of all Tibetan Government Offices, Organizations, Institutes - http://tibetnews.com


Ligmincha Institute Ligmincha Institute, founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in 1992, was created to preserve the Tibetan Bön culture and teachings, especially the practices of dzogchen - www.ligmincha.org/
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