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Phayul.com Online Tibetan community keeping its visitors around the world connected and well-informed with the latest developments in the Tibetan government-in-exile and its diasporic communities around the globe - www.phayul.com

World Tibet Network News Archives The WTN archive provides over 10,000 articles dating back to 1992  - To Subscribe:
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Tibetan Bulletin The official Journal of the Central Tibetan Administration of H.H. the Dalai Lama - Dept. of Information and International Relations - www.tibet.net

Tibetan Review Monthly magazine reporting on all aspects of Tibet - http://tibetan.review.to/

Tibetan World Tibetan world magazine opens up unlimited possibilities and opportunities for the younger Tibetan generation, to speak out and express their ideas - www.tibetanworldmagazine.com

Tibet Daily

Tibet Daily Daily News: Politics, Culture, Breaking and Related News - www.tibetpost.com

Mandala Magazine MANDALA is a magazine that captures the life and times of a vibrant Tibetan Buddhist organization flourishing in 31 countries. Published by the FPMT - www.mandalamagazine.org

Sangha Journal Sangha Journal is a new publication devoted exclusively to supporting the Tibetan Buddhist and Bön sangha in their quest for authentic experience in meditation practice - www.sanghajournal.com

BodhiOnline Articles, poems and experiential songs by awakened masters, Nalandabodhi Retreat Info, Karmapa News - www.bodhionline.org

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Tricycle Tricyle, The Buddhist Review - www.tricycle.com

Shambhala Sun Magazine The Shambhala Sun is a Buddhist-inspired magazine, applying the wisdom of the world's great contemplative traditions to the arts, social issues, politics and health - www.shambhalasun.com

The Mirror The Newspaper of the International Community of the Dzogchen Community of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu - www.tsegyalgar.org/mirror

Buddhadharma Quarterly journal for Buddhists of all traditions who wish to deepen their practice and study of the dharma (from the publishers of Shambhala Sun) - www.thebuddhadharma.com

Buddhist eBooks Please feel free to download, forward or distribute the free ebooks - www.buddhistebooks.com/

Bodhi Journal News, Archives, Buddhism, Free Tibet, Human Rights - www.geocities.com/bvgftr2/bj.html

Salon Articles on Buddhist current affairs from a western perspective - www.salon.com

Belief Net Buddhism home-page. Non-denominational E-zine with articles and audio recordings by Buddhist teachers from around the world - www.beliefnet.com

Nitartha International Dedicated to preserving the precious texts and art of Asia, bringing together scholars, adepts, software developers and professionals from varying fields to apply present-day computer and educational technologies - www.nitartha.org/

Paljor Publications Publisher and distributor dealing exclusively with books related to TIBETOLOGICAL STUDIES  i.e., Tibetan Buddhism, Bon, Culture, History, Politics, Language etc., and the sole distributor of books published by the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamsala - www.paljorpublications.com

Motilal Banarsidass The largest bookstore on Indology, from the oldest Publishing House in India - www.mlbd.com

Snowlion Publications Tibet Library, Dharma Resources, Activism, Appeals - www.snowlionpub.com

Wisdom Publications Books on Buddhism - www.wisdompubs.org/

Mandala Books Buddhist Books, Calendars, CDs, DVDs and Posters - www.mandalabooks.com.au/

Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archives The collected works of Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche - www.lamayeshe.com/

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Rangjung Yeshe Publications High quality translations of authentic Buddhist literature as well as commentaries by contemporary Buddhist masters - www.rangjung.com/

Dictionaries for the Study of Buddhist and East Asian Language and Thought Dictionaries for the Study of Buddhist and East Asian Language and Thought, Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, CJKV English Dictionary, Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms  - www.buddhism-dict.net/


Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project The British Library / University of Washington Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project - www.depts.washington.edu/ebmp/index.php

The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center The mission of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, Inc. is to promote research and scholarship in Tibetan Buddhism and advance the preservation of the Tibetan cultural heritage by making its literary tradition widely available in the form of digital images - www.tbrc.org


The Tibetan and Himalayan Library International community using web-based technologies to integrate diverse knowledge about Tibet and the Himalayas - http://www.thlib.org/

Digital Library and Museum of Budhist Studies http://buddhism.lib.ntu.edu.tw/BDLM/front.htm

Institute of Tibetan Classics Non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of classical Tibetan thought and culture - www.tibetanclassics.org/

A Buddhist Library Buddhist educational resource with most of the material from the main Buddhist Traditions.  Over 400 books (and counting), and more than 6,000 articles. There is now a hyperlinked list of these books, as well as a shorter list of Featured Books - www.abuddhistlibrary.com
The Tibet Album

The Tibet Album presents more than 6000 photographs spanning 30 years of Tibet's history. These extraordinary photographs are a unique record of people long gone and places changed beyond all recognition. They also document the ways that British visitors encountered Tibet and Tibetans.

Featuring photographs taken by Charles Bell, Arthur Hopkinson, Evan Nepean, Hugh Richardson, Frederick Spencer Chapman, Harry Staunton and the previously unidentified photographs of Rabden Lepcha

Unseen Dharamsala Photos of Refugee Life Taken by Tibetan Refugees- http://unseendharamsala.blogspot.com/

Pali Text Society Pali texts in roman characters, translations in English and ancillary works including dictionaries, concordance, books for students of Pali and a journal - www.palitext.com/


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